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The Tattoo Contest Categories are known!!!

Who will take home the prize... and what will that prize be???

- Best Color
- Best Black & Grey
- Best Realistic
- Best Oriental
- Best Neo Traditional
- Best of Day (Saturday + Sunday)
- Best of Show



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Adam Zebczynski AdamZ Tattoo Belgium
Allex Porto Inkhouse Tattoo Belgium
Amber Lemey Moonchild Tattoos Belgium
Anke Cools Tattoo Lamain Belgium
Bart Boschmans Ink Tattoo Brasschaat - Antwerpen Belgium
Bart Smeets White Trash Tattoo Belgium
Betty - Sue Blackbird Tattoo. Belgium
Caccamo Caroline Carol'ink France
Charlotte Noblesse Ink Tattoo Brasschaat - Antwerpen Belgium
Chris Soul Reina Oscura tattoo Belgium
Christophe Goossenaerts Yellow Ink Belgium
Daniel De Bellis Needlefactory Tattoo & Piercing Italy
Dave Noel DN Tattoo Belgium
Didde Xtremetattoo Belgium
Don Porto Inkhouse Tattoo Belgium
Glen Claes Yellow Ink Belgium
Glenn Nies Forest Street Tattoo Belgium
Glenn Willemoons (Tattoos) Ink Addict Custom Tattoo Belgium
Greet Stoffels (Piercings) Ink Addict Custom Tattoo Belgium
Hanne Hanges Tequila Tattoo Belgium
Iwan All4U Tattoo & Lifestyle The Netherlands
Jack Ribeiro Jack Ribeiro France
Jakke Fransen Tattoo-art Balen Belgium
Jan Kabzan Needlefactory Tattoo & Piercing Italy
Jan Vanderoost EYE C.U. Gallery. Belgium
Jelle Swolfs Tequila Tattoo Belgium
Jeroen Mister Electrum Electrum tattoo Belgium
Jimmy Loos Ink Tattoo Brasschaat - Antwerpen Belgium
Joachim Vanderzeypen Tequila Tattoo Belgium
Johan Van Nieuwenhuyse Skin 'n Bones Tattoo Belgium
Jos Knevels Fantasy Tattoo Belgium
Joyce Groen Patrem Filia Body Art Studio Belgium
Julious Mora Moth + Flame Tattoo Studio New Zealand
Katinka Elias Yellow Ink Belgium
Kris Geuens Tequila Tattoo Belgium
Kris Van Geel Tattoo-art Balen Belgium
Kristof Heylen United Scum Tattoo Belgium
Ksenia Burlakova Skin City Tattoo Belgium
Kurt Saenen Karmann Tattoo Belgium
Leni Luck Moonshine Tattoo Parlour Belgium
Liesl Walschaerts Venomspit Custom Tattoos  Inferno Tattoos Belgium
Lilou - L'île aux graph The Tailorschop Belgium
Llano Bergman Letterface Inferno Tattoos Belgium
Linda Loreti The White Rabbit Tattoo Belgium
Martin Boots Skeleton's Tattoo Company The Netherlands
Michael Ceulemans Art Pencil & Needle Belgium
Michaël  Martinet Martinez Tattoo Belgium
Milosch Milosch Tattoo Czech Republic
Monica Mtattoo Belgium
Nagan Industrial Sting Tattoo Studio Belgium
Natasja Kievith Bad Influence Tattoo Budel The Netherlands
Nick Mariên The Tailorschop Belgium
Nico Cretskens Fantasy Tattoo Belgium
Nils Lamain Tattoo Lamain Belgium
Ninou Chka Industrial Sting Tattoo Studio Belgium
Nobel Nine Southsidestudio The Netherlands
Patrice Lambillotte Black Lotus Tattoo France
Raf Pion Inkursion Tattoo Belgium
Rebecca De Leender EYE C.U. Gallery. Belgium
Riet Blackbird Tattoo Belgium
Ronci Roncelli Southsidestudio Switzerland
Rusty needle All4U Lifestyle & Tattoo The Netherlands
Sarah DH Electrum tattoo Belgium
Sepp Coeck Bittersweet Coeckey Belgium
Seppe Beckers Yellow Ink Belgium
Shinto Jugschleger Moonshine Tattoo Parlour Belgium
Silvy Van Beers Yggdrasil Tattoo Belgium
Steevioux Steevioux art tattoo Belgium
Steve Xtremetattoo Belgium
Suan Fuchs Spiritual Tattoo The Netherlands
Sylvia Hertebaut Skin City Tattoo Belgium
Ti Bone Black Anchor Tattoo Germany
Timon Vandersmissen Boldlines tattoo Belgium
Tom Belmans Tequila Tattoo Belgium
Tom Van Immerseel Inktomatik Tattoo Belgium
Vanessa Schuermans The Rose Of Jericho Belgium
Yannick Blockhuys Boldlines tattoo Belgium
Yolecha Industrial Sting Tattoo Studio Belgium